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ASAP Recruit 30 Day Free Trial Agreement

The 30 day free trial of the e-Recruitment System is offered with no obligation by either parties, and is available to the trial user to review the functions and benefits of the e-Recruitment system under live conditions.

Any data entered during this trial period will not be maintained and stored on the ASAP Recruit systems beyond the trial period unless the user wishes to continue by purchasing a subscription to the system.

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  • Save 60% of present recruiting costs
  • Save each recruiter 2 hours per day!
  • Fill some job vacancies in 10 minutes at times!
  • Reduce advertising costs by 50% and save more time!
  • Quicker hiring with better business outcomes
  • A Paperless HR solution
  • Excellent customer support
  • Instant Online access to a 30 Day Free Trial
  • Request a live system demonstration
E-Recruitment Software       +       Global Job Posting to 7000 Channels       +       On-Boarding Employees


Free to access and to start using the e-Recruitment Software immediately for 30 days!

The 'e-Recruitment Software' can be used for one office or across many offices, locally or globally!

Full Support Provided!

'Current Vacancies' jobs list for your Website

  • Post jobs onto your website's careers page instantly
  • Receive applications from your website into your system

'New'  Integrated Global Job Advertising Posting

  • Post job adverts to over 7000 global job board channels with a single mouse click
  • Post jobs to LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook
  • Find better quality candidates, quicker!
  • Many job boards are free to advertise
  • Reduce advert spending with sourcing channel performance reporting

'New'  Customised On-Boarding Solution

  • Integrated customised on-boarding solution
  • Reduce new employee on-boarding costs by 80%
  • Uniformly on-board new employees across multiple sites automatically
  • Automatically inform multiple departments in preparation for day one readiness
  • HR dashboard to improve and manage the on-boarding process

Zero Effort! - No Need to Receive or Manage Applicant Emails

  • All applicant registrations automatically imported into your recruitment system
  • Receive applications automatically into your recruitment system from any Job Board

Unique 'Simultaneous User' Access - Flexible and More Cost Effective

  • Setup as many people as you wish to access your system, for free!
  • Only pay for simultaneous user access i.e. setup 30 users only pay for 3
  • Significantly more cost effective and more flexible than any other systems!

Full Support Included

  • We can help you to be up and running in minutes, advertising and receiving applications immediately
  • All ongoing support and training provided

Asynchronous Online Interviewing

Interview candidates without being present, allowing all involved to view a video interview in their own time!
  • No more scheduling and logistics issues of interviewing candidates
  • Better consistent candidate reviewing
  • Save staff time by reducing real time interviewing
  • Candidate videos are maintained for ongoing reference

Built in Personality Testing

Gain an insight into the personality character traits of any candidate.
  • The Leader - a good trait for Senior Managers
  • The Motivator - a good trait for Sales People, Managers & Supervisors
  • The Patriot - one word describes these people, "loyal"
  • The Analyst - people who are accurate, methodical and precise
Personality Test Graph

Customisable Job Questionnaires

Create custom job related questionnaires for all candidates to complete at registration
  • Easy and quick for applicants to complete
  • Evaluate candidates better and quicker with more data
  • Mitigate shortlisting phone calls

Automatic Applicant Ratings

The system will automatically recommend the best fit candidates for any specific job

Resume Keyword Search Rating

Search for candidate skills (keywords) through every word in every resume to find the best candidate quickly

'New'  Job & Candidate Geolocation

  • Automatic calculation of the candidate distance to the job location
  • Search for both candidate specific skills and location to a job site

Mobile Phone App

Recruiting personnel can access data via the integrated "Mobile Phone App." on an iPhone or any Android Phone

Whilst on the go, you can access:
  • Your advertised website jobs
  • Your internal job vacancies
  • View existing and new applicants against each vacancy
  • Newly registered, not yet viewed applicants, are highlighted
  • Find any applicant in your system, and all their details
  • View an applicant's resume on your phone
  • Phone, email, or SMS an applicant with one click
e-Recruiting Mobile Phone App Recruitment Mobile Phone App Recruiting Mobile Phone App


  • Can integrate with On-Boarding Software, such as 'Employment Hero' and 'On-board Express'
  • Post Jobs Directly to Your Website
  • Applicant Reports for Hiring Managers
  • Template Mass Emailing
  • Integrated SMS service
  • Customisable Interview & Reference Checking
  • Resume Parsing
  • Built in backup service
  • Applicant Alerts
  • Access any, anytime, and on any device!


We provide you with instant access to world class e-Recruitment software, designed specifically for business to manage all your recruitment needs. It is a highly functional cloud recruiting software solution for Managers, Human Resource and Recruiting personnel to recruit quicker, easier, and more efficiently than ever before, for one office or across many offices locally, nationally or globally.

Our customers are medium to large sized organisations with one office or many offices, who typical recruit 10 - 500 people per year. Our customers are leading companies in Construction, Engineering, Industrial, Medical, Legal, Veterinary, and Service Industries.

Imagine: not receiving emailed applications ever again, filling a job vacancies in 10 minutes, saving each person who recruits 10 hours a week, and reducing your job advertising by 50%, to name just a few efficiencies the ASAP Recruitment software provides!

Why ASAP Recruit Software

  • Instant Access
  • Reduce job advertising
  • Save cost and time
  • No setup costs
  • No software costs
  • No installation costs
  • No upgrade costs
  • Import your applications from SEEK
  • Fully customisable recruiting system
  • Reduce Recruiting expense
  • 20 times return on investment
  • Centralise all your recruiting information
  • Affordable for all from $5 per day

For those who recruit 10 to 500 people per year

  • Fully Customisable eRecruit System for Business
  • Job Vacancies Integrated onto your Website
  • Centralise all your recruiting intelligence
  • Half your advertising expenditure
  • Free up 100's of hours of your time
  • Build your own talent pool, automatically
  • Improve interviews, with the built in Interview Assist
  • Global access anywhere, anytime
  • One-click Applicant Assessment Reporting
  • Backup all your data in-house, at any time
  • Integrated Psychometric Testing
  • New! Customisable Applicant Questionnaire
  • New! Asynchronous Video Interviewing


Customisable Questionnaire
Create and manage individual registration questionnaires
Asynchonous Video Interviewing
Interview applicants without being there!
Personality Profile
Find the most suitable applicant
for the job
Seek Application Import
Seek applications are imported
into the system automatically
Corporate Image Customisable
Add company logo and
company colour scheme
Process Workflow
Control the flow of application processing
Mobile App
View applicant details
while on the run
Fast Keyword Search
Search every word of every resume in seconds
Talent Pool Suggestion
Automatic suggestions of
qualified applicants

Reduce job
saving cost
and time
No setup costs!
No software costs!
No installation costs!
No upgrade costs!
Import your
applications from
SEEK and other job
boards today
Fully customisable
professional recruiting
system for your
20 times
return on
Centralise all
your recruiting
for all from
$5 per day

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System Example - Easy, intuitive system to navigate around
Easy, intuitive system to navigate around
System Example - Search for skills through every word in every resume
Search for skills through every word in every resume
System Example - Applicant card full of useful information
Applicant card full of useful information
System Example - Export detailed applicant reports for hiring managers
Export detailed applicant reports for hiring managers
System Example - Free personality testing integrated in the system
Free personality testing integrated in the system
System Example - Easy applicant registration process
Easy applicant registration process
System Example - Integrated SMS functionality
Integrated SMS functionality
System Example - Mobile phone App. included
Mobile phone App. included
The eRecruitment software will significantly enhance a business's recruiting capabilities & recruitment productivity, providing multiple return on investment for any business. Managers, Human Resource personnel will enjoy recruiting using this easy to use intuitive eRecrui system.

Our software and service focus is all about making our customers more successful.


Please choose at least one job vacancy and one recruiting staff.
By inputting your estimated number of job vacancies you run each year, and the number of Recruiting Staff you have (i.e. users of the ASAP Recruit system) the below calculator will provide you with a variety of estimated values, such as:
  • Internal office recruiting savings
  • External recruiting savings
  • Savings over three years
  • The added value of building your own talent pool database
  • Your Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Your payback periods

You can further customize your results by editing the "per job" costs in the table to reflect your circumstance

Step 1 - Insert your estimated annual number of job vacancies
- Insert the number of recruiting staff you have
Select your currency
Step 2 - Revew your in-house recruiting expenses & understand the savings to be made
Estimated Minimum Cost Saving
Current Costs
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Per Job
Per Annum
Your Staff Time
Evaluating applicants
Setting Advertising
Managing emailed applications
Letter production
Communication with applicants
Stationery costs, postage
Media Advertising
Newspaper display advert
Records management
Retention of applicant & recruiting data
Estimated Costs of the Recruiting Process  
Step 3 - External recruiting if you outsource
Current Costs
Estimated Cost Saving
Per Job
Per Annum
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Your Staff Time
Evaluating applicants, interviews, etc...
Employment Agency fees
Average charge
Estimated Costs of the Recruiting Process  
Step 4 - Additional value add of building your own talent pool
Suggested Added Value
Building your pool of talent
Related to Step 2
Related to Step 3
Step 5 - Annual cost (investment) of the ASAP Recruit System
Step 6 - Investment returns
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Return on investment (ROI)
Related to Step 2
Related to Step 3
Payback period (weeks)  
Related to Step 2
Related to Step 3
  • Nominal currency exchange rates are used in the above table, and may vary dependant on the exchange rate on the day
  • Further savings in office stationery, and to the environment are obtainable by utilizing the full capability of the ASAP Recruit system.
  • The above information, calculations and formula assumptions, are provided as a guide only, values may change dependant on individual circumstances
Available on larger screen


How it Works?
What is Cloud Computing?
Can I Access a Free Trial Version?
How Can I Buy Access?
Are any discounts on offer?
Administrators Responsibility
Number of Users
Can I post job vacancies to my Website?
How quickly can I fill my job vacancies?
Can I set up an Application Hyperlink on my Website?
Is there an Integrated SMS service?
Can I send Template Mass Emails?
Can I produce Applicant Assessment Reports?
Is there an Applicant Pre-Registration Filter?
Is the system Customisable?
System Hosting & Security
Data Encryption & Security of Data
Who Owns the Data?
Is there a Customer data backup service?
End User Subscription Service Agreement
Privacy Policy
How long does it take to get my account online?
Is Training & Support Provided?

How it Works?

ASAP Recruit provides global recruiting data management software, delivered across the Internet for all the convenience it provides.

The system is focused on the recruitment process; from an initial Newspaper or Internet Jobs Bulletin Board advertisement to automatically managing applications, short listing and electronically communicating with candidates, recording all the recruiting activities plus the overall management of all the recruitment functions.

The design emphasis of the system is on pure functionality:

  • speed and quality of the recruitment process
  • reduction of our client's workload
  • accessibility and central storage of all our client's intellectual recruiting property

Our aim is to ensure our clients:

  • employ faster and recruit better staff
  • enjoy a multiple factor return on investment (ROI) from efficiencies gained in reduced staff time, and a marked reduction in advertising expenditure
  • build a strong talent pool and have a means of mass communication

This system is globally delivered, accessible from any computer connected to the Internet, and is scalable to suit any number of users within your organization who can have simultaneous system access simply by logging in through the ASAP Recruit website using their unique username and password.

The system can be viewed with recent versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, using Microsoft XP or better, Apple Safari on a Mac, with a minimum screen resolution of 1280 x 800, or on an Apple iPad. There are also ASAP mobile phone App.'s available for iPhone or Android mobiles, for users of the system.

The ASAP Recruit data management system is housed in one of the best and largest data centres in the world, in Sydney, Australia, guaranteeing a 99.99% uptime utilizing four different bandwidth providers for redundancy backup.


What is Cloud Computing?

The term "cloud" is used as a metaphor for the Internet!

"Cloud Computing" is Internet-based computing, whereby resources and software, are provided to user computers on demand usually accessible through a browser, a similar principle to that of the electricity grid. Cloud computing is revolutionary for computing users, where users do not have or wish to have the internal IT expertise to build or maintain software, or the technology infrastructure in-house to provide computing solutions throughout their whole business.

Within the cloud professional applications are available for use, termed "Software as a Service" (SaaS)

SaaS sometimes referred to as "software on demand" is software that is deployed over the internet on personal computers. With SaaS, a provider licenses an application to customers either as a service on demand, through a subscription, in a "pay-as-you-go" model. Some advantages provided are, scalable, improved general security, improved backup and security of data, reliability, cost effective, improved accessibility, reduced internal IT costs, no maintenance, no upgrade costs, no license costs, to name a few.


Can I Access a Free Trial Version?

A completely free of charge, no obligation 30 day trial is provided for you to undertake a working evaluation of the system under real job advertising and recruiting conditions.

The trial version gives you access to the fully featured system; allowing you to raise an unlimited number of job vacancies, add in an unlimited amount of applicant details, and set up as many users within the system as you require.


An unlimited amount of applications from job seekers can be loaded into your secure full featured version, and fully processed against each job posted.

Your Free Trial allows access for 30 days from the day of registration. Should you be happy to continue to use ASAP Recruit system, you will need to purchase ongoing monthly simultaneous access thereafter. To enable your free trial to commence you will need to agree to the End User Agreement as you are accessing a full featured complete system.


How Can I Buy Access?

Ongoing access can be managed and purchased online from within the system, through the administration access function. The cost is $150 AUD per user per calendar month, which allows an unlimited amount of jobs vacancies to be raised.

Choose either a 3, 6 or 12 month period, discounts apply

The ASAP Recruit Price Promise!

  • No ongoing commitment, cancel anytime!
  • No ongoing hidden extra charges
  • Fixed user access pricing, as long as you remain a customer

For a multi office National or International system, please contact us via our contact form to enable us to provide the best customized packaged solution for your global requirement.

You will be reminded by email that your access credits are running out before the end of your credited access period. Your system Administrator should be responsible for ensuring access to the system is maintained.

If your access has expired simply log in as normal and the first screen to appear will be the payment screen. If you have lost your username and/or password please contact us via our contact form.


Are any discounts on offer?

Our standard user access subscription plan pricing menu is based upon a minimum quarterly (i.e. 3 months) invoicing period. However we appreciate some subscribers may wish, for ease of internal administration, utilise 6 or 12 monthly payment periods. These longer periods attract discounts of 4% or 8% respectively.


Administrators Responsibility

The administrator is the person who signed up for the service, either for the free trial or the ongoing contracted service. The administrator will be the person that would communicate with ASAP Recruit for any queries.

The administrator is the only authorized person in your organization able to add or delete staff access into the system, make backup copies of your systems data, and edit your organization's details. More than one administrator can be set up within the system.

This is all accessed by using the administration function on the "Navigation Page" index screen.


Number of Users

Access can be created for as many users as you need for both the 30 day free trial version, and for your ongoing subscription system access. The user access charge is based on the number of simultaneous users you wish to have access at the same time.

As an example, you can set up the user access to allow say two recruiting personnel to access the system at the same time, but should you wish a hiring manager to view some details temporarily, one person can log out. This allows for a cost effective management in using the system, whilst providing considerable flexibility for as many users to access the system. Your administrator sets up and easily controls who has access to the system.

You could provide access for all your staff, realistically only people involved in the recruiting process needs access, managed by your Administrator. Although, allowing access to more users rather than less will help in populating the system with more recruiting information. The system is easy to use, requiring little training, and comes with an extensive Page Help, Hints, Balloon Help, Overview, & FAQ's built in, albeit ASAP Recruit staff can provide support at any time.


Can I post job vacancies to my website?

Using ASAP Recruit you can advertise your job vacancies directly from the system onto your website, creating a fully functional jobs bulletin board for your applicants to register against your positions. To enable this function you will need to request your webmaster to install your systems unique website hyperlink within your website as a "careers", "employment", or such like button.


How quickly can I fill my job vacancies?

It is possible to fill a job vacancy in as little time as 10 minutes at times!

You can quickly find suitable applicants from your previously raised jobs, or utilise the powerful keywords search function, which will search through every word in every resume in seconds. From there you can quickly review online your applicant's resumes, educational transcripts, previous employment references, interview notes and their availability status, for their suitability against your requirements. Mass email or telephone a group of suitable applicants to discuss the role and their further suitability for it, and have someone commence in your role immediately if required!


Can I set up an Application Hyperlink on my Website?

A unique hyperlink is provided via email upon signing up. This hyperlink enables customers to turn their website into their own jobs bulletin board, whereby new positions can be advertised to potential applicants, and where they can apply for these new roles.

This email containing your unique hyperlink can be on-forwarded to your webmaster, to be embedded on your website behind an "Employment Button" image. You can name this button as you wish, such as "Employment", "Jobs", "Careers", or "Employment Opportunities" etc.

This button/hyperlink will direct all job seekers to a registration screen within your customized ASAP Recruit system, enabling them to selectively apply against your advertised positions.

A key benefit of the ASAP Recruit system is that applicants are directed automatically to your list of jobs to register, in doing so:

  • All your applicants see your website for reference
  • All your applicant details are automatically uploaded into your ASAP Recruit system
  • All your applicants automatically receive a confirmation of their application received by the system
  • Your website becomes a more interactive tool, receiving applications online.
  • All employment enquiries with your organization can now be directed to your website, rather than a Human Resources team member, or another busy member of your staff.

Basically you have turned your website into a job bulletin board, whether you advertise the position or not!


Is There an Integrated SMS Service?

ASAP Recruit provides a fully integrated SMS messaging service within the system, enabling one to type a message and send it as an SMS to a mobile phone, to one applicant or many, as well as receive a reply message, all recorded directly into the system.

SMS template messages can also be created and stored for quick SMS messaging.

SMS messages can be sent to some 140 countries around the world.

The personal nature of mobile phones makes SMS a very powerful tool in contacting people, quickly and cost effectively. It has been reported that 91% of people keep their mobiles within arm's reach 24/7.


Can I Send Template Mass Emails?

Individual or mass emails can be sent to any number of applicants from within the system. Additionally, any number of template emails can be created for quick emailing, and to standardise the format in communicating with applicants.


Can I Produce Applicant Assessment Reports?

Applicant assessment reports can be produced easily and quickly, combining into a single document, all the information about an applicant, such as the job evaluation details, an applicant's details, a resume, interview notes, reference checks, and educational documentation. The report is produced as a single PDF document for ease of viewing and distribution, via email or print.

The principle use of these reports is to assist recruiting officers produce a quick and concise report of an applicant who could be short listed for a role, and for submission to a hiring manager who is seeking to employ. It may also be useful for payroll or general administration records upon employing a person.

A report can be produced of all applicant information or a selection of various parts.


Is There an Applicant Pre-Registration Filter?

A series of pre-registration filtering questions can be setup within the system.

Applicants will need to answer these questions correctly before they can view the registration screen, and therefore apply for a position.

These questions, and the response notation, are completely customisable.


Is the System Customisable?

The system is completely customisable. Some functions that can be customised are:

  • Company logos, banner colours and text headings, can be inserted to personalise each screen for staff and applicants
  • Application 'job questionnaires'
  • Job descriptions attachments can be added to each job for applicants to view
  • Minimum applicant age limits can be set up
  • Interview assist notes can be fully customised
  • Reference check assist notes can be fully customised, for both internal or online reference checking
  • Mass email templates can be set up
  • SMS templates can be set up


System Hosting & Security

ASAP Recruit uses a dedicated server hosting facility, operating out of Australia's largest data centre, Global Switch with some 41,575m2 of the state of the art data centre, located in Sydney, Australia. Global switch operate eight data centres in seven major gateway cities across Europe and Asia-Pacific.

The facility's resilience is underpinned by a minimum N+1 standard for power and cooling systems, delivering an optimal operating environment 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Several crucial measures have been taken to make this world-class network infrastructure reliable and secure, such the additional network redundancy provided with multiple different bandwidth providers as network backups, through the 100MB/sec Cisco Internet connection.

Some Specifications of the Global Switch Data Centre are:

  • Minimum N+1 power redundancy
  • Diverse A & B power supply via rotary UPS
  • Power & cooling supported by up to 22 UPS units
  • Onsite diesel generators complete with 360,000 diesel tanks
  • Temperature, humidity, and chilled water maintained at a minimum N+1 resilience
  • Highest standard of fire detection and suppression standards
  • Highest level of 24/7 onsite security


Data Encryption & Security of Data

Data Encryption

ASAP Recruit recognizes the need for confidentiality with our client's information and the personal information of applicants. For this reason ASAP Recruit use SSL certified encryption technology to communicate between our servers and our clients computers.

The SSL protocol allows client/server applications to communicate across a network in a way designed to prevent electronic, eavesdropping, tampering, and message forgery. The SSL provides endpoint authentication and communications confidentiality over the Internet using cryptography.

Security of Data

ASAP Recruit subscriber's data is stored on the latest server technology, housed within one the world's best practice and secure server centres, with all equipment of the highest quality, high performance architecture. Mirrored backups continually copy all the data as each of our subscribers populates their system. Additionally, as a minimum, 3rd tier daily backups are done.

Mirrored backups provide seamless capability of service to our subscribers. Should our subscriber's main server's hardware fault in any way, the service automatically switches over to the backup servers, whilst the primary servers are repaired.

ASAP Recruit systems allow the subscriber to make as many export data backups of their data as they wish. This is accessible through the administration section, and we recommended regular exports are taken. By accessing the ASAP Recruit backup service, our clients can download a backup of their data every day, any day, storing it within their own office environment. It is also provided in an easy accessible format to immediately access it by any user on any computer at any time!

Resumes, Educational documentation, Interview Notes, Reference Checks, and additional evaluation information is compiled into a single backup document per applicant in an easy PDF usable format for recruiting staff to access instantly. ASAP Recruit systems allow the subscriber to make as many export data backups of their data as they wish.


Who Owns the Data?

Whilst ASAP Recruit maintains and backs up the system, the data which populates the system belongs entirely to you our individual subscribers. We encourage subscribers to make backups of their data as frequently as they wish, as described above in the "Security of Data" section.


Is there a Customer data backup service?

Our customers can download anytime, any day, a complete backup of all their data, and store it in-house in their office.

The emphasis is on empowering our customers to back up their own data in-house, whilst still accessing all the benefits a cloud based solution provides. The most concerning facet for business using a cloud computing solution is where their data is stored! ASAP Recruit has created the most innovative and easy to access data backup solution, ever seen in the "Cloud" for our client's peace of mind!

Resumes, Educational documentation, Interview Notes, Reference Checks, Applicant Activity Log Notes, and additional evaluation information is compiled into a single backup document per applicant in an easy PDF usable format for recruiting staff to access.


End User Subscription Service Agreement

To access any of our systems we require you to agree to our standard End User Subscription Service Agreement. It is a document outlining an obligation of confidentiality and operational best practice in using the ASAP Recruit software.


Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy aims to inform all parties, staff and applicants of a guideline when handling individual's confidential information, including the rights of the applicant when applying for a position.

Most organizations today have established similar policy, which may supersede ASAP Recruits Privacy Policy or it may not be a requirement in your country. ASAP Recruit simply wishes to promote good recruiting practices when dealing with individuals' confidential information.


How long does it take to get my account online?

Typically your account can be activated within a matter of minutes.

There are many more FAQ's listed within the free trial version.

For any further queries, please contact us via our contact form


Is Training & Support Provided?

ASAP Recruit staff are available always to provide you and your staff with as much support as you need to become efficient in the operation of the system, and to maximize the benefits of the system for your organization. Additionally, you will find many support aids built into the system, such as:

  • Hints - shown on each page and relevant to that page
  • Page Help - provides a greater level of explanation for each page you are on
  • Balloon menus - explains the function of most system headings
  • FAQ's - answers many questions about the system
  • System Overview - describes the overall system set up and aims

The system is very intuitive, easy to use, but if you need a helping hand at any time now or in the future we are more than happy to assist!






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