E-Recruitment Software will do the heavy lifting for you to make your recruiting easy, quickly find suitable applicants for your vacancies through thousands of candidates anytime, enjoy the recruiting efficiencies, financial benefits, and time savings offered by using ASAP Recruit’s Cloud Recruitment Software.

ASAP Recruit’s readymade recruitment software option is a standalone e-Recruitment cloud solution for any organisation to fully own in-house for greater internal control of your own data, customisation and cost savings. We can have you up and running in 7 days, and it is incredibly affordable, contact us for further details here.

Standalone software often called Readymade software is a considerable cost effective and a much quicker way of establishing a fully owned in-house software solution, without the headaches of extensive development time and expense! Purchasing a software solution that has already been built and industry tested over many years can save an organisation significant costs and thousands of hours of development time.

Savings offered by our readymade software solution are:

  • Save 10,000+ hours of development time!
  • Save hundreds of thousands in costs!
  • Be up and running in 7 days!
  • Instantly provide an online recruitment solution to all of your offices, globally!
  • No more ongoing SaaS costs!
  • No ongoing tether to an external provider!
  • Greater internal security and control over your data!
  • An additional asset to your business!
readymade recruitment software

Whilst our online cloud e-Recruiting software is cost effective for any sized organisation to quickly access a recruitment solution, large organisations may require managing and owning the software in-house, for increased security, control, cost advantages, and to further customise it to meet their specific operational needs.

ASAP Recruit can provide their standalone, readymade e-Recruiting software for a customer’s full ownership, control and further development. This will deliver a fully operational recruiting system throughout the whole organisation quickly, saving thousands of hours of development time. Further system modifications can then be managed in-house as and if required.

ASAP Recruit has partnered with Already Built in Sydney, who are a specialist in B2B software solutions to orchestrate the process with customers.

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