‘Current Vacancies’ jobs list portal for your Website

  • Post jobs onto your website’s careers page instantly
  • Receive applications from your website into your system
  • Assign a job questionnaire to the online registration

‘New’  Integrated Recruiting Global Job Advertising Posting

  • Post job adverts to 7000 global job board, with a single mouse click
  • Post jobs to Social Media sites, LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook
  • Find better quality candidates, quicker
  • Many job boards are free to advertise
  • Reduce advert spending with sourcing channel performance reporting

‘New’ Asynchronous Online Interviewing

  • Interview candidates without being present, allowing all involved to view a video interview in their own time.
  • No more scheduling and logistics issues of interviewing candidates
  • Better consistent candidate reviewing
  • Save staff time by reducing real-time interviewing
  • Candidate videos are maintained for ongoing reference

Built-in Personality Testing

  • Invite shortlisted applicants to complete an online personality test. Gain an insight into the personal character traits of any candidate.
  • The Leader – a good trait for Senior Managers
  • The Motivator – a good trait for Sales People, Managers & Supervisors
  • The Patriot – one word describes these people, “loyal”
  • The Analyst – people who are accurate, methodical and precise

Customisable Job Questionnaires

  • Create custom job-related questionnaires to gather more information from applicants at registration.
  • Easy and quick for applicants to complete
  • Evaluate candidates better and quicker with more data
  • Mitigate shortlisting phone calls
  • Statistically, compare answers against all applicants

Integrated SMS

  • Send and receive SMS messages to one applicant or many

Zero Effort! – No Need to Manage Any Applicant Emails

  • All applicant registrations automatically merged into your system
  • Receive applications automatically into your recruitment system from just about any Job Board globally.

‘Simultaneous User’ Access – Flexible and Cost Effective

  • Setup as many people as you wish to access your system, for free!
  • Only subscribe for simultaneous user access i.e. the number of users that you wish to access the system at any one time.
  • Significantly more cost-effective and flexible than any other system.

Automatic Applicant Ratings

  • The system continually compares and analyses applicants as they apply for a job and rates their skills against each other all automatically, highlighting the best-suited candidates for the job.

Resume Keyword Search Rating

  • Search for candidate skills (keywords) through every word in every resume throughout the database in seconds to find the best candidate for a job.

‘New‘ Job & Candidate Geolocation

  • Automatic calculation of the candidate distance to the job location
  • Find specifically skilled candidates within a certain distance from the job location anywhere in the world

Integrated Email

  • Mass template emailing of applicants

Mobile Phone App

Access recruiting software data whilst on the go via the integrated “Mobile Phone App.” on an iPhone or any Android Phone.

  • View advertised jobs
  • View internal job vacancies
  • View existing and new applicants against each vacancy
  • Newly registered, not yet viewed applicants, are highlighted
  • Find any applicant in your system and all their details
  • View an applicant’s resume on your phone
  • Phone, email, or SMS an applicant with one click
Recruiting software mobile app.

Full Support Provided

  • Exceptional customer support provided by our dedicated team
  • We can also help you to be up and running in minutes, advertising jobs and receiving applications, finding applicants for your jobs today!
  • Ongoing support and training provided for your recruiting software